Issues on the Agenda

Conference Structure

For the 12th edition of OPOMUN, there will be 5 committees as well as a General Assembly. The committees for this year will be ECOSOC - Economic and Social Council, UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Council, UNSC - United Nations Security Council, ICJ - International Court of Justice and the G20 - Special Conference. Below you will find a list of the issues for each committee and also their respective research reports, elaborated by our Presidents and Chairs. Please note that the General Assembly will only function in the last day and will be made up of the delegates from the UNHRC and ECOSOC. Delegates from the Security Council, ICJ and G20 will remain in session during the third day and will not participate in the GA.


Committees and Issues


Ensuring the sustainability of the blue economy

Fighting youth unemployment through innovation and technology


Conditions in prisons around the world

Processing of Big Data


Oil Platforms 2003 – Iran vs USA

Aerial herbicide spraying 2013 – Ecuador vs Columbia


Responsibility to protect and what justifies foreign military intervention

The Syrian Civil War

The ‘Tech war’ - A cyber war between Russia, China and the US


Evaluating the impact of OPEC and oil producing countries in world economic and political stability

Redefining media regulation in a new era for communication

Regulating and moderating diplomatic relations between countries


The issue of rural-urban migration

Reevaluating the question of drug abuse