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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can I come as an individual delegate to OPOMUN?

A.Yes. Individual delegates are welcome to register. Please do so here.

Q.What is the dress code for OPOMUN?

A.Delegates are expected to wear formal clothes. No trainers, sneakers or jeans are allowed. Male delegates should wear a tie and a suit. When taking the podium, male delegates must be wearing their jacket.

Q.What is the conference fee and what does it include?

A.The conference fee per student/teacher is of 80€.

    This will include:
  • Participation in OPOMUN 2019
  • Official OPOMUN badge and folder
  • OPOMUN Gift Bag
  • Lunch on the 28th of February
  • Cultural Tour
  • Cocktail and free entrance to Museu da Misericórdia do Porto (MMIPO)
  • Coffee breaks
  • Transport from CLIP to the Cultural Event

Meals (except for lunch on the 28th and coffee breaks) will not be provided, but a large choice of restaurants (ranging from fast-food to normal ones) is available and these will be close to the venue (walking-distance).

Q.Do you provide acommodation?

A.No. Delegations will stay at a hotel of their choice, at their own expense. A hospitality team from OPOMUN will assist you with any problems that may arise and will provide you with some options for you to consider regarding hotels and means of transportation.

Q.What is the official language of OPOMUN?

A.English is the official and only language of OPOMUN. All proceedings will be conducted in English.

Q.Do you take care of travel arrangements?

A. For schools travelling from outside of Porto, an hospitality team will be providing options regarding transportation around the city and from/to the airport.

Question?Send an email!


- mlopes.opomun@gmail.com

Deputy Secretary-General:

- aramos.opomun@gmail.com

Head of Logistics:

- dquirino.opomun@gmail.com

Head of Staff:

- iafonso.opomun@gmail.com


Head of Hospitality:

- iferreira.opomun@gmail.com